UniServices Easy Start-up Documentation Suite

Once your idea is selected by Return on Science or Momentum, getting the right documents for your start-up company can be daunting and costly. To help facilitate start-ups in New Zealand and make the process seamless we are making available a suite of documents designed to accelerate the process of forming a start-up to get the company investor ready.

Benefits of the Easy Start-up Documents

These are the same best practice documents we use at UniServices and over the past three years we have taken to market over 30 companies and raised over $90 million of capital for those companies. By offering this package we aim to increase transparency and demystify the process of starting a new company.

The documents will enable you to follow a simple, tried and tested process saving you time and money, reducing your overhead and helping you focus on getting the business plan executed.

By sharing our process with you we hope to encourage and strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit in New Zealand.

The Package:

Please download the relevant document by clicking on the highlighted area.

The Constitution, Shareholders Agreement and Convertible Note Agreement are based on original documents provided by and reproduced with kind permission of, Simmonds Stewart technology lawyers. Please visit their website for a range of free legal resources aimed at helping startups and tech companies.

Constitution - A company constitution is a document that specifies the rules governing the relationship between activities of the company and its shareholders.

Licence agreement - A license agreement is a business contract between two parties where the licensor (the seller of the license) owns the asset (e.g., intellectual property) being licensed and the licensee (the buyer) pays for the right to use the license. Payments for the license rights may be in the form of equity, royalties, annual or milestone payments. License rights may be exclusive or non-excusive by field and/or territory and usually time limited. The template is relevant for licensing of patents and associated know-how.

Shareholders agreement - A Shareholders Agreement is a contract between the shareholders of a company. It regulates the relationship between the shareholders and sets out what is going to happen in certain situations. A Shareholders' Agreement is not compulsory and is a confidential document between the parties to the Agreement.

Convertible note agreement - A convertible note agreement is an agreement between investor(s) and a company for a particular round of convertible loan financing, where the loan can be converted into equity. Convertible notes are usually used for the first investment in a company when it is difficult to agree on a valuation for the company. The loan is usually converted to equity at the next investment round at a discount to the agreed valuation of the investment round.


These templates have been made available for your reference purposes only. They show an example of the terms under which UniServices might set up an Easy Start-up spin-out company from the University of Auckland. You must not copy, share or use them for any other purpose. Every start-up deal is different – UniServices does not warrant or represent that these terms will apply in every such case.