COVID-19 Message from UniServices CEO

We are in unprecedented times. Right across UniServices, we have been monitoring the situation closely and working on the best possible solutions and outcomes. We are vigilant in our efforts to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, maintain the continuity of our business in an effective manner that upholds our commitments, and adhere to safe practices where our people, our University partners, and our clients and external stakeholders are concerned.

Andy Shenk
At all times we have been closely following the expert advice we have received from the New Zealand government, the University of Auckland, and local and global health authorities as well as our internal expertise in immunisation and vaccinology.

In the past few weeks, we have taken a few precautionary and necessary steps in preparation for the full impact of COVID-19. First and foremost is our renewed commitment to the absolute safety, health and wellbeing of our employees. The business continuity plan is underway, and we have identified our areas of focus as we work our way through the effects of the pandemic. We are taking the approach that, where we can, we will continue our important work to support the University and to make an impact and create value in the community. This means we intend to do everything we can to honour our existing obligations - where we can do so without compromising safety. We have the advantage of living in a digitally connected world, and we have access to technology and tools that should go some way towards making our work seamless and efficient.

We remain open for business, and the steps we are currently taking to preserve the uninterrupted continuity of our work are:

  1. Ensuring our teams are equipped to Work from Home where possible. We engaged with many of our staff on their needs and started rotating teams through the first phase of testing this week, to make sure that remote working can function well at scale and that we can provide technical support to those working from home.
  2. Limiting the use of physical meetings and moving to online platforms
  3. Restricting all international travel and bringing our existing travellers home to NZ
  4. Encouraging and training our teams to use our suite of digital connectivity tools, including integrated solutions for data storage and access, and tools for remote collaboration
  5. Communicating with our teams regularly and keeping them informed
  6. Exploring options for turning in-person events into virtual event spaces to provide the best possible experience for participants while enhancing participant safety

We will manage any future challenges as they arise, and we will respond accordingly - with resilience, teamwork, innovation and determination.

Even though we are witnessing one of the most difficult and trying times in recent history, we need to continue to be united and supportive of each other. Everywhere I look across UniServices I see our values and purpose in action, and I know that each of you will do your best. Please take care of yourselves, your families, friends and neighbours, and stay safe.

Kindest regards,

Andy Shenk

UniServices, Chief Executive Officer